Compression Fittings

About Rendifield compression fittings

Compression fittings are designed to operate up to 1600 kPa constant working pressure and are suitable for fitting to High-Density Polypropylene, uPVC, and Polyethylene piping to metric ISO sizes. The fittings are suitable for potable water as well as most common fluids in pipelines. The fittings have approval for use by South African Government departments and municipalities. These fittings are available in sizes from 16 – 110mm and have a maximum operating the pressure of 16 bar.

Philmac is renowned for quality products and services. Their compression fittings comply with the requirements of a number of Australian specifications and, in South Africa, have a Certificate of Acceptance from JASWIC.  The Philmac fitting design uses the mechanical advantage of the nut thread to place the seal into a compressed position. This means no resistance when inserting the pipe into the fitting, thus eliminating damage or displacement to the seal during installation.

Furthermore, the fittings have no loose components which can be incorrectly assembled or lost.

Compression fittings physical properties

Standard compression fittings are simple and easy to use fitting as simple as the name sounds. Made up of three basic pieces, a compression fitting uses a threaded nut with a hole that tightens down to the compression fittings body. This tightens down over a small typically brass ring called an Olive that is placed between the nut and the body of the fitting. This olive is compressed by the tightening of the nut to the body creating a sealed joint.

Compression fitting applications

A compression fitting is a type of coupling used to connect two pipes or a pipe to a fixture or valve.

Equal Tees

16mm – 110mm

Flanged Adaptors

50mm – 110mm


Couplings – 16mm – 110mm
Slip couplings – 20mm – 63mm

Reducing Tee

25mm x 20mm
63mm x 50mm

Male Adaptors

16mm x ½” to 110mm x 4″

Reducing Couplings

20mm x 16mm to 110mm x 90mm

Female Iron Tee

16mm x ½” to 110mm x 4″

90° Female Elbows

16mm x ½” to 110mm x 4″

PE Compression joiners

90° Elbows

16mm to 110mm

End Caps

16mm to 110mm

Male Iron Tee

25mm x ½” and 25mm x ¾”

Female Adaptors

16mm x ½” to 110mm x 4″

PE Female compression adaptor

(16mm x ½” to 110mm x 4″)

PE Compression reducing joiners

PE Male compression adaptor

(16mm x ½” to 110mm x 4″)

PE Male threaded adaptors

90° Male Elbows

25mm x ¾” and 32mm x 1″

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