HDPE lined steel pipe

About Rendifield HDPE lined steel pipe

Overland steel pipelines lined with HDPE using the Sure-Line trenchless technology to extend the life of existing pipelines or for wear and chemical resistance of new pipelines. RENDIFIELD MINING AND INDUSTRIAL PIPING SOLUTIONS’ continuous lined pipes save money on pipe spool sections with fewer flanges and possible leak points.

The corrosion and wear resistant HDPE liner for slurry, mining tailings, oil and gas, sewer and bulk water supply.

HDPE lined steel pipe physical properties

This system utilizes thermoplastic HDPE lining inside a steel pipe, effectively combining the strength of steel with the corrosion, chemical and abrasion resistance of thermoplastic.

HDPE lined steel pipe features and benefits
  • Rehabilitate pipelines from 200 mm to 1200 mm diameter
  • Save on excavating costs
  • Limited downtime
  • Continuous lengths up to 1000m
  • Save on steel flanges and HDPE stubs
  • Rapid installation on site
  • Fewer joints reduce chance of leaking
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Reduce flow friction with HDPE
HDPE lined steel pipe applications

Applications include potable water, pressurised sanitary sewers, oil and gas pipelines, slurry and tailings pipelines.

HDPE lined steel pipe specifications

HDPE lined steel pipe slightly larger than the outer diameter of tube technology is the main channel diameter HDPE liner, after necking, making cross-section smaller than the cross-sectional area of the main channel, in the role of traction quickly insert the main channel. 

HDPE lined steel pipe dimensions

Dimenions are in relation to the  steel pipe that it serves.