About Rendifield Layflat Hose

RENDIFIELD MINING AND INDUSTRIAL PIPING SOLUTIONS PVC lay-flat hose commonly referred to as lay flat hose, water discharge hose, delivery hose, pump hose, and the flat hose is perfect for use with water, light chemicals, and other industrial, agricultural, irrigation, mining, and construction fluids. Manufactured with a continuous high tensile strength polyester fiber circularly woven to provide reinforcement, it is one of the most durable lay flat hoses in the industry and is designed as a standard duty hose in residential, industrial, and construction applications.

PVC lay flat hose physical properties
  • Lightweight, good flexibility.
  • Corrosion resistant,anti-aging.
  • Easy handle & storage.
  • Various colors are available.
  • Assemblies and/or cut lengths available.
  • Non-toxic, Non-smell
  • Burst pressure 3 times working pressure.
PVC lay flat hose applications

PVC layflat hose is designed for light and heavy duty applications,the hoses are most commonly used in agricultural equipment where continuous water flow through irrigation systems is required. Other appliaction include water pump, pool & spa, construction, mines and marine.

PVC lay flat hose specifications

PVC layflat hose specification – light duty

PVC layflat hose specification - medium duty