Electrofusion fittings

About Rendifield Electrofusion fittings

Electrofusion is a simple and rapid jointing technique for making permanently welded joints. The efficient assembly on-site of pipes, fittings, or prefabricated pipework can be achieved using electrofusion couplers and electrofusion welding equipment. Only fittings with long spigot ends are suitable for electrofusion.

Electrofusion fittings physical properties

Electrofusion welding is a form of resistive implant welding used to join pipes. A fitting with implanted metal coils is placed around two ends of pipes to be joined, and current is passed through the coils. Resistive heating of the coils melts small amounts of the pipe and fitting, and upon solidification, a joint is formed. It is most commonly used to join polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) pipes. Electrofusion welding is the most common welding technique for joining PE pipes. Because of the consistency of the electrofusion welding process in creating strong joints, it is commonly employed for the construction and repair of gas-carrying pipelines.  The development of the joint strength is affected by several process parameters, and a consistent joining procedure is necessary for the creation of strong joints.

Electrofusion fittings applications

Electrofusion fittings is used in Gas, Water and Waste water applications. 

Electrofusion fittings specifications

Our electrofusion fittings are tested for use with PE80 and PE100 pipes in a wide range of SDRs, with MOP in accordance with national and international specifications:

  • European gas specification – BS EN 1555-3 up to 10 bar.
  • UK gas specification – GIS/PL2:4 up to 5.5 bar.
  • European water specification – 7 bar BS EN 12201-3 up to 16 bar.


Electrofusion fittings features and benefits
  • A range of universal fittings suitable for gas, water and wastewater applications
  • Manufactured from high strength polyethylene
  • Exposed wire technology for maximum heat transfer during the fusion process
  • Patented Easigrip® technology for large diameter fittings for ease of handling during installation
  • Simultaneous socket fusion for all fittings
  • Barcode technology – for electrofusion control unit programming and fitting traceability
  • Corrosion resistant
  • End-load bearing jointing system

Electrofusion fitting types & specifications

Electrofusion stub flanges - long

Electrofusion end caps - long

Electrofusion tees 90 degrees - long

Electrofusion reducing tees - long

Electrofusion elbows 90 degrees - long

Electrofusion elbows 45 degrees - long

Electrofusion concentric reducers - long

Electrofusion sockets


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