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What is butt welding?

by | Dec 10, 2021 | Application study

Butt welding is a simple process whereby 2 pieces of similar material items are joined to form a permanent joint using a butt welding machine. This is a very effective way to repair damaged HDPE pipes or to reduce diameter in underground or overland pipelines. The joints are usually seamless without any protrusions, thus ensuring there is no reduction in the pipe’s capacity.  Importantly, in a butt joint, the surfaces of the workpieces being joined should be on the same plane or by using a pre-fabricated fitting to reduce or enlarge.

HDPE and PVC pipes used in underground and overland applications like building sites, sewage lines, waste-water management and irrigation, are often customised to fit the applications. This means that it may require custom bends & branches, stops and reductions.

The solution to create custom lines is simple – simply join pipes in a way that does compromise on durability, pressure-scores or efficiency.

Butt welding machine in action

Butt welding machine in action

The process of butt welding can be a simple one – where you simply repair a HDPE or PVC pipe by cleaning up the break and or adding a piece or just joining them again. You can also, with the use of special HDPE fittings create branches or complex pipe systems to meet the demand of your specific situation.

The machine is not complicated to use. See the explainer video below.

Various fittings perfectly suited for repairs or adjustments to pipelines include fabricated fittings, seam-lesss bends and compression fittings. Rendifield offers you a complete solution to to underground and overland pipe requirements. Our highly qualified team is ready with advice and product information to help you succeed.

Rendifield supplies butt welding machines, hdpe & pvc piping, compression and fabricated fittings to the mining and construction industry in Africa, Mauritius, Zanzibar and the Seychelles. We’ll be happy to assist with exporting your products to your site.