Technical and Victaulic Fittings

About Rendifield Technical and Victaulic fittings

RENDIFIELD MINING AND INDUSTRIAL PIPING SOLUTIONS mechanical fittings can be fabricated by buttwelding Tak-stubs to any of the range of buttweld fittings shown in the buttwelding fittings section so that they may be used with Tech-clamps.

Victaulic fittings: As with Tak fittings, Victaulic fittings can be fabricated by buttwelding Victaulic stubs on any of the range of buttweld fittings.

Victaulic Shouldered Fittings Product Description

• Galvanized shouldered fittings for use with Victaulic couplings for shouldered pipe
• Sizes from 2 – 8″/50 – 200 mm
• Working pressures are dictated by the coupling used
• Not intended for use with grooved or plain end couplings

Technical & Victaulic fittings physical properties

Victaulic® offers a broad line of fabricated fittings in segmentally welded steel and full flow design in sizes through 24″/600 mm in a variety of straight and reducing styles. Fittings are fabricated of ASTM A-53 carbon steel, or other materials by special order.

Technical & Victaulic fittings applications

Mechanical piping joining systems are used in HVAC, plumbing, fire protection and mining, water and wastewater treatment, oilfield operations, power plants, military, marine systems, and other industrial applications. Mechanical piping systems offer an alternative to welding, threading, and flanging for joining two pipe ends.

Technical & Victaulic fittings specifications


Fitting: Ductile iron conforming to ASTM A536 Grade 65-45-12 or segmentally welded Schedule 40 carbon steel,
conforming to ASTM A53 type E, F or S.



Victaulic Shouldered Fittings Dimensions



Lateral, Wye, Cross and Cap

Flange Adapter Nipples

Reducing Tee, Concentric Reducer, Reducing Lateral